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Sex Tourism In Bangkok by Peter F. Friedmann
Date 10-09-2012 | Views  603

 They say that prostitution is the worldâ€,s oldest profession; we donâ€,t know if that is true, we can safely assume that there were also thieves and fighters in ancient times too, but what we do know is that like any profession there is a labour market. Like any profession the labour market is going to be more saturated in some countries than it is in others, and when there are plenty of skilled workers the price of their services fall!

That is what you pretty much have in Thailand, hundreds of thousands of stunning girls offering you sexual services and escort services in exchange for payment. There are more girls, boys, and ladyboys in Thailand than there are checkout staff in California. Men from all over the developed world head to Thailand to party, live like a king, and to fuck as much as they want – they can live a playboy lifestyle for $1000 a month. 
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