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Thai Moon Saloon by Harold R. Miller
Date 09-30-2012 | Views  397

 After the Viet Nam 'non-war', Penn Gwinn and his combat buddy, Jim Starret, relocated to Bangkok, Thailand. The duo purchased a saloon to house their bodies and beleaguered souls. Despite its meager profits, they considered it to be their retirement However, their former involvement with the Defense Intelligence Agency came back to haunt them. The sister of their deceased DIA field operative friend showed up and demanded their help. Their retirement ended. She led them into a confrontation with the warlord of the Shan State in the Golden Triangle, who was also known as The Prince of Darkness. Their harrowing disruption of his opium growing operation had them running for their lives. But exposing the rivalry between the DIA and the CIA, and their inter-agency battles, could be their final action.

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