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True Thai Toy and Nook Love Stories by Heinz Duthel
Date 09-23-2012 | Views  525

 A Thailand Virgin No More She was beautiful, nice eyes, a virgin how I found out after. She worked in a leading department store at the Western Union, all seems to be perfect and I believed to have found the ‘woman of my lifeâ€,, but there has been one error. She is Thai, and a Thai woman never belongs to you, she belongs for ever to her family….. The traffic? I thought Paris was bad, but Bangkok was unreal. I loved watching how all the motorbikes weaved in and out of traffic. The only thing sexier than a cute Thai girl hauling ass on a motorbike through traffic? Are two Thai girls, one sitting side saddle hauling ass with smiles on their faces? My entire time, I did not see one traffic accident...very impressive

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