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Thailand, Men's Paradise? by Annika Ardin
Date 09-19-2012 | Views  432

 Every year, millions of men travel to Thailand looking for love.

Many fall hard for the women they find and leave behind everything—jobs, houses and families—to start new lives with partners whose language and culture they donâ€,t understand. Unlike Western women, they say, Thai women give them everything they want and need.

Written by a mother and daughter team of Western journalists who spent a year in Thailand, Menâ€,s Paradise uncovers this sexy mystery. Through hundreds of candid interviews with Western men and couples who have found and lost love, the authors guide you through the thrilling and tragic seduction tactics, dating etiquette, and marriage rules – and the price of love.

20 Thai Bahts of the proceeds of every book sold will be donated to the education programs at the Empower Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports sex workers in Thailand by offering them free pre-college classes. 
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