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Genuine Thai Copies by Sean Bunzick
Date 09-18-2012 | Views  662

 Lek is just another beautiful 'working girl' in a seedy Phuket town full of working girls. But when she is kidnapped by a crazed genetic scientist and taken to his Bangkok laboratory, her life takes some very original twists and turns. The scientist is insane, but he is also brilliant, and before long he has made history by cloning Lek and turning out five identical replica 'Leks', each with distinct characteristics of her own.

As the real Lek remains imprisoned in Bangkok, the clones are released and sent on wildly different paths. One takes over a bar on Soi Cowboy. Another ends up working for a Russian gangster and his Islamic allies in Pattaya. A third is a lesbian who is forced to work in a heterosexual bar in Bangkok's Nana Plaza. Yet another finds herself in Chiang Mai where she dedicates herself to slipping in and out of Burma and creating havoc among the Burmese military. The last clone is perhaps the scariest of all – a psychopathic killer who relishes torturing and murdering her victims.
As the tale progresses, the clones team up to combat Muslim terrorists who are intent on targeting Bangkok's sex industry with a series of lethal bombs. Can Lek's five clones work as one girl to stop the terrorists?
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